• Kimberley B. Jones

What happen? Was it covid-19.....

Last year was devastating to the entire world. We lost love ones, suffered from so much depression, anxiety, and we experienced hardship with social skills with not able to communicate physically with our love ones. We are still in front of the virus, but as America has grown throughout the years, we are able to put a handle on it. Some got their vaccinations and others just stay sanitized and wear masks.

During the virus, I was able to think over some things and put my use to work and accomplish what I could because for some of us, we suffered with financial problems. I took the time to outline a business and started a candle business for booklovers. If I love writing, then why not open a business to what I love. It was overwhelming with working a 9 to 5, writing my novels, and starting this business. But, I did it. Don't let this virus control your life, you get the virus under control to continue what you believe in.

Here is one example of my candle. You can get your very own book personalized into a candle or you can purchase one of the candles I have listed on my website.

They are all scented and if prefer not to get it scented, it' all up to your preference.


The news I've been waiting all year and biting my tongue for months. I have a special blurb about Preying On The Church from a very special person. This woman is so wonderful to agree to read my novel. Once I received the feedback, you will know who this person is and what she had to say about Preying On The Church.

Stay Tune...

Yes, my cover is coming around the corner. My arc readers have their copies and it's on and popping. In the next blog, I will post who all will be sponsoring my book cover reveal so that you can hop on the blogs and participate for a free e-book.

Make sure you subscribe to my blog so that you can stay updated with the book cover reveal party, pre-order party, and most definitely the launch party.

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