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Our Friendship Matters Cover has been reveal. What's Next?

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

The cover has been reveal. If you haven't glance at it, I always got your back.

Company Reviews:

Take a look on what some of the companies have to say about Our Friendship Matters.

"Engaging and heartfelt. Our Friendship Matters opens and continues much needed discussions for young people and their families." ~New York Times bestselling author Rita Williams-Garcia of One Crazy Summer

Our Friendship Matters is a well-written and enthralling story about a young teen’s growing awareness of the racial and economic inequities that are still very much a part of American culture. Jones’ story flows well, and her plot maintained my interest throughout as the two friends cope with the inevitable changes that their last summer before college.

She also highlights some of the complexities surrounding the private vs public education option, and the different ways in which people perceive a police presence depending on their race or privileged status. I enjoyed reading this book and learned a lot from it. Our Friendship Matters is most highly recommended." ~Readers Favorite, starred review

“Our Friendship Matters” is a must-read story for all young adults (and their parents). Though written as a novel, the story is one that happens regularly in neighborhoods all over the country, and author Kimberley B. Jones does an excellent job bringing social and cultural issues to the forefront. The writing is authentic and current, providing a setting that places the reader directly into the story. Jones addresses the choices people make, the actions people take based on those choices, and the consequences of those actions and how they impact society as a whole." ~Reader Views

"The story is punctuated by a message of hope that there is a future and a way forward through the problem of racial injustice, this novel is an important addition to the growing cannon of realistic young adult fiction." ~The Childrens Book Review

"Imagine looking through the eyes of an African American teenager at the world and its social injustices and wanting to improve society. Our Friendship Matters is a beautifully written coming-of-age story that will open your eyes no matter what age, gender, or race you are. Filled with valuable lessons and wonderful characters." ~San Francisco Book Review

"This novel's subject of teenagers reckoning with racial/violence is certainly a timely one." ~Kirkus Reviews

Stay tuned for a special author blurb everyone has been confusing me with.

Hint: "How can we win!"

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