• Kimberley B. Jones

Juneteenth! A Glorious Day!

Here we are today celebrating a holiday that set slaves free in the state of Texas and became popular throughout the United States of America. Oh, how wonderful it feels to be free! Free to be educated. Free to own a house. Free to own a car. Free to walk the streets as the same as others. Stop! Stop, at what I just said.

Are we free. Yes, to a certain point you can say that, but the question is, "Did they let us go?" When slaves were set free, I just want to know, where did they go and how did they survive? Exactly, they had no where to go. They couldn't just go back to the Port of Charleston and sail back across the sea. They remained on the plantations because they had no where to go. They didn't have a boat. They had no money. They had no work. So, they still continue to work for that same plantation owner that set them free.

The movie, "The Help," is the perfect example of how we still wasn't free. We still worked for our plantation owners. As years passed, it just carried to their son's and daughter's. And to this day, in some states, it's still the same where African American women take care of elderly white women because the daughters and sons are too busy. So, they cook, clean, and whatever else they were contracted to do to get paid under the table.

We are still to this day singing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot because we're not free this isn't our home. If it was, we would be treated as equal human beings. You would want us in the same school as your

children, you would want to sit next to us at a restaurant, you would walk pass us in a grocery store and return a smile, and you would definitely stop killing us.

Looking at Today!

Are we still free? Here we are on the day June 19, 2020 and we are fighting for equality. Protesting in several states against police brutality. Fighting to tell people, we are a different color, but we bleed the same. Fighting descendants of the forefathers to stop killing our people.

Our own kind, showing ignorance toward each other saying, "blacks need to stop killing blacks." No. No. No. Asians kill Asians, Africans kill Africans, Mexicans kill Mexicans. Nobody said the world was perfect but can one person honestly say that, "African Americans kill police officers, African Americans kill whites, African Americans kill Asians." Stop thinking as though we have to compare ourselves to other races because we as a race is one of a kind. Stop giving them a chance to keep us divided. The world isn't perfect and you are part of this world. People were killed in the Bible.

All we can do is keep voicing how we feel and educate our children. I saw my son yesterday talking to our neighbors, I just prayed that his future is better than my present day of living. But as I notice him playing, I turn to my husband and said, "Baby, look how they are playing peaceful together and see no color."

Let's continue to, Lift Every Voice and Sing to take off the few shackles that was left on us.


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