• Kimberley B. Jones

A Year of New Beginnings!

As we know, we are moving forward to good things in 2021. Some of us can't wait! With our new president-elect and vice president-elect it indicates that America can go ahead and make a change. We have been bullied, divided, and deceived for four years. We've been taking back forty years, but through the beliefs of this country, God regulated this election.

Rosa sat, so Ruby could walk, so Kamala could run.

This doesn’t just symbolize African Americans. It also represents all women. Women Empowerment! We don’t just cook and clean. We make decisions too and this right here confirms, All Women Matters!

"Behind every great, successful man there stands a woman."

You can take it and leave it, but I see good things happening in our future as a human race and proud Americans. We haven't come this far to turn around.


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This sums it all up. It's crazy how we took many steps backwards as a country because we let our ego's of racial injustice and hatred of keeping one race on top and other's below.

We went forty years back in four years. We demand a better democracy. They say leave no one behind, but the hatred is in the dust and I can't see through a fine, cloud of smoke.

Can you?


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Our Friendship Matters, is much needed more than ever. For some adults as well as teenagers.

We can make this world a better place by understanding the bias we place on one another.

For some who have read the novel, I made a code in the first chapter, hoping for people to grasp the language:

“I considered us blood sisters-that crazy pact you make when you’re young and dumb by making your index finger bleed and sticking them together.”

I wrote that in the book to show we all have different hair color, figures, skin color, but when Sasha and Leah place their fingers together, their blood was the same color. It starts young and if we can educate our young children to accept people for their difference, the world would have better knowledge of others in we can live in harmony. It would take more centuries to change the world, but at least they heard you today in this century.


I love all of you! My heart has no room for hate. Thank you for all your support!

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